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Noah’s Ark photos and poem

Img_0371 noah's ark dec 14 edit

Have a peek and see what the little ones get up to!


Img_0375 noah's ark dec 14 editCome, come to Noah’s Ark
To play with the toys
Or sing like a lark.

There’s lots of games
And things to share
You could run around fast
Or sit on a chair.




Img_0386 noah's ark dec 14 editThere’s teddies and dollies
Or puzzles galore
And hundreds of balls
Scattered over the floor.

While Mum’s sitting down
You can laugh, sing or shout
Or act like a clown –
That’s what we’re about!


Img_0379 noah's ark dec 14 editSo tell all your friends
It’s the ‘IN’ place to go
Come rain wind or sun
Or even cold snow.

If making great pictures
Is your kind of thing
We also do crafts
Like coloured birds with wings



Img_0355 Noah's Ark dec 14 editIf Mummy can’t make it
Then bring Dad along
Or Granny and Grandad
To join in our song.

Just tell them there’s cake
And a nice cup of tea
That’s sure to entice them
So bring them and see.


Img_0370 noah's ark dec 14 editAnd when you are tired
Go home for your tea
Give Mum a big kiss
How happy she will be



For more information about Noah’s Ark and our other children’s activities, please see the families page.