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April Awakening

As we enter into April, and head towards Easter, hasn’t it been wonderful to see nature just spring into life once more. Don’t our hearts leap to see those first snowdrops and crocus appear, and the laughing faces of the bright yellow daffodils. Following what may have been a long, dark winter, we are so often looking for those signs of spring and new life and Easter resonates with the joy of this new life too.

An awakening of the senses has been mirrored in my own journey of losing and regaining my sense of smell after Covid. I completely lost any sense of smell for around 8 months and the process of regaining it has felt like a rebirth in many ways. As this sense has been restored to me gradually I have been rejoicing each time I can recognise a smell that has been missing for so long.

The first aroma I could smell was when the fields had been covered with manure, but great was my delight that I could, at last, smell something again. Then followed the joy of, almost every day, having more of my sense return and smelling lemons, hyacinths and even ‘bad’ smells like bins and drains! I was so thrilled to be able to smell again that even the ‘bad’ smells were a joy to me. As we enter this Easter season again, let us rejoice when new life appears and the winter is past.
Linda Joy
Children and Families Worker
Holyford Mission Community

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