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More Advent windows!

Posada 18 December

Posada 17 December

Posada 16 December

How far are Mary and Joseph travelling today?

Musbury Advent windows

As of 9th December there are eight Advent windows on display in Musbury. The windows can be found in the four streets radiating out from the old post office.

Posada 15 December

The journey continues…

Posada 14 December

Mary and Joseph continue their journey.

Posada 13 December

Mary and Joseph have moved on again..,

Posada 12 December

Two pictures today… and apologies for the delay in posting. Did Mary and Joseph get lost in the fog?

More Advent windows

At 3 Colybank, Rosemary Lane and Needlesharp, 35 Queen St

Posada 11 December

Mary and Joseph continue…

Online Christingle 13th Dec

Worship at Home for the Third Sunday of Advent: A Christingle service with The Children’s Society.

The whole country is invited to join The Children’s Society’s first ever online National Christingle Service in partnership with the Church of England.

The service will include Royal President of The Children’s Society, HRH The Duchess of Gloucester, along with the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is sharing a message of support along with the charity’s Vice-Chair of Trustees, the Bishop of Derby, Libby Lane. Mark Russell, CEO of the The Children’s Society, shares the address.

The service will be available from 9am on Sunday 13th December here

Posada 10 December

Mary and Joseph pass by a church.

Posada 9 December

Mary and Joseph catch a little sunshine in the lanes…

Colyton latest windows