Your home parish

You can find out which parish(es) you live in by entering your postcode at A Church Near You.

The piano in Colyton

Colyton church has a piano which can be used as an alternative to the organ and is free if you supply your own pianist.

How do we book our wedding?

Beloved, let us love one another, because Love is from God.
1 John 4.7

Most couples have a number of questions to ask and we’re always happy to discuss your concerns. Please contact the Administrator, Caz Jefferies in the first instance. Provided you qualify to marry here, we will find a date and time that suits everyone. If you are divorced, it is often possible for you to get married again in Church. The first step is to discuss this with the officiating minister.

Most people get married by banns. If one of you doesn’t live in England or Wales, or if one of you is not British, you will need a Common Licence. Don’t worry, we will explain what you need.

When we come to take your booking, which can be done over the phone or by email, we will need the following information:

  • Which church do you want to get married in?
  • Your full names including any middle names.
  • The age in years that each of you will be on your wedding day.
  • Your marital status.
  • Your occupations.
  • Your address(es) including postcode.
  • The full names including any middle names of your fathers.
  • Your parents’ occupations (including step-parents).
  • The nationality of each of you.
  • The Church of England parish in which each of you lives (only if you’re getting married by banns).
  • You need to state if you are related to each other by blood (eg cousins) or by marriage ties.
  • Your contact details including phone and email, as well as your new address if you are planning to move at the wedding.
  • Your present titles – Mr/Miss/Ms/etc. Please also let us know when you’re ready what your married names will be.

If any of the above details change before the wedding, please let us know know straight away.

Music, bells and flowers.

We can provide an organist, choir, bells and flower arranging if you wish, subject to some variations among our churches. If you’re getting married on a week day there may be some limitations.  We will ask you about your choices when you book in. If you’re not sure yet, you can let us know as soon as you have decided, and preferably by early in the year that you are getting married (for fees please see below).

The officiating minister will discuss hymns and music with you, (you can find some suggestions here), and give you the contact details of the Director of Music if needed. You can supply your own organist and/or other musicians instead of the church’s own ones if you wish, but if you use the organ you must pay the organist’s fee.

You are welcome to decorate the church with flowers, or you can have the flowers that are in the church anyway at no charge. If you supply all your own flowers and do the arranging yourself or with your own florist, there is no charge. You can borrow the church’s vases and other equipment for a small charge, or you can ask the church flower arrangers to give you full help with the flowers.  We will give you the contact details for the head flower arranger if needed. Please let us know whether you plan to leave your flowers in church, or to take them away immediately after the wedding.

If your wishes change please discuss this with us straight away.

How much will it cost?

Please see our current fees sheet. There is no initial deposit, but we ask for the full amount at least one month before the wedding.

Please make sure you read the Banns page carefully if you are getting married by banns.