Wedding Album

But you have kept the good wine until now. John 2.10

Slide show of weddings and wedding blessings in our six churches

Weddings at Branscombe, Colyton with Colyford, Musbury, Northleigh and Southleigh parish churches.

Click if you would like to play¬†Laudate Dominum by Mozart, the Toccata by Widor or When I’m Sixty-four by the Beatles while you look at the slide show. Further information below.

  1. Barry and Anna Phillips10.08.13 Branscombe a
  2. Barry and Anna Phillips10.08.13, Branscombe b
  3. Gary and Kelly BowerenColyton, 18.05.13 a
  4. Gary and Kelly BowerenColyton, 18.05.13 b
  5. Helena and Andrew Gibbins04.09.99, Colyton a.
  6. Helena and Andrew Gibbins 04.09.99, Colyton b
  7. Michael and Christine Sansom08.04.67, Colyton a
  8. Michael and Christine Sansom08.04.67, Colyton b
  9. Stacey Evans and Alex RogersMusbury, 07.09.13 e
  10. Stacey Evans and Alex RogersMusbury, 07.09.13 h
  11. Stacey Evans and Alex Rogers Musbury, 07.09.13 j
  12. Stacey Evans and Alex Rogers, Musbury07.09.13 i
  13. Wendy Moore and Michael Bowers02.09 11, Musbury a
  14. Wendy Moore and Michael BowersMusbury 02.09.11 b

We hope you enjoy this glimpse of these very special occasions. Our grateful thanks to all the people who have provided us with their photos. If you got married or your marriage was blessed here at any time in the past, or you are planning to get married here, we would be delighted to include your photos too.

JPEGs up to 2 MB can be emailed as attachments to Emma Laughton at the office via the contact form on the Contact page. JPEGs larger than 2 MB can’t go through the form, but you can send them to our email address: (change “AT” to the @ symbol). Please include your names, the date of the wedding, and the name of the Church.

Printed photos can be sent to Emma at the Church Office, Sunday School Building, Market Place, Colyton, Devon, EX24 6JS. We will scan the image to include it in the album and return the actual photo to you.