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Cafe hosts St Petrock’s talk

St Andrew’s Community cafe is supporting St Petrock’s charity for the homeless. There will be a talk at the cafe on Tuesday 28th March – do come!

Bingo at Southleigh

On Friday 7th April at 7 pm in the Village Hall – a fun bingo evening will be held, with proceeds divided between the church, the village hall and Seaton Hospice Care.

Lent Course 2017


Each speaker will talk about an aspect of their life and work, and the people, ideas or events that have inspired them.

Each evening begins at 7.30 and ends by 9pm

Monday 6th March – Branoc Hall Bransombe:

Sarah Mullally, Bishop of Crediton and former chief nursing officer for England;

*Tuesday 14th March – Sunday School Building Colyton

Peter Dawson, Director of the Prison Reform Trust;

Monday 20th March – St Michael’s Church Musbury

Christopher Southgate, poet, scientist and theologian;

Monday 27th March – St Michael’s Chapel Colyford

Tim Harris, Head Teacher of Colyton Grammar School.

Monday 3rd April – St Lawrence’s Church Southleigh

Katherine Lyddon, Children’s Work Adviser for the Diocese of Exeter

*please note change of day



March 2017

Hilary writes:

There are lots of traditions associated with Lent, the span of time between Ash Wednesday and Easter Day. Probably the most famous is the practice of giving something up.  It might be something edible: chocolate, wine or cake.  It might be a regular activity: computer games or watching TV.  Or it might be giving something up to make a lifestyle change: smoking perhaps, or foregoing the car in favour of walking.  Giving something up has its roots in the centuries old Christian tradition of fasting, which created time and space for devotion to God, a greater awareness of others and a more disciplined life of prayer.

In recent years, the idea of giving something up has been replaced for some by the idea of taking something up.  Instead of attempting something which might end in disappointment or failure, the idea is to do something positive which makes a difference to us, our family, friends, the local community or the wider world, and which might last beyond Lent.  It could be volunteering, actively supporting a charity, or learning a new skill which will benefit others.

For many, Lent has become an opportunity for both.  A time to give something up which has become distracting or unhelpful in order to create some valuable time for reflection.  And a time to make a commitment to doing something which might be life-enhancing or even life-changing.

One of my favourite prayers asks that we would forget the God we don’t believe in, and find the God who believes in us.  So many of us build up a picture of God which might well be distorted or unhelpful.  We might imagine a God that is too small, or a God that is petty, judgmental or distant.  Perhaps the best thing we can do this Lent is to ‘give up’ the God we stopped believing in long ago, find some time for reflection, and ‘take up’ the God who has never stopped believing in us.

Folk Music at St Andrew’s

Reg Meuross plays and sings on Saturday 18th March at 7.30

Branscombe Barn Dance

with the Dartmoor Pixie Band

Saturday 18th March from 7.30 to 11.00 in the Village Hall, with bar and raffle.

Tickets £9.00 (£4.50 children) including a ploughman’s supper: Tel Ross 01297 680264 or Simon 01884 33571.

Lent lunch 14 March

12.30 to 2.00 pm in the Sunday School Building, Colyton.

Cottage pie, apple cake, tea/coffee – £5. Proceeds to St Petrock’s Exeter, helping homeless and vulnerable people.

Musbury table top sale

Table Top Sale Saturday 4 March, 10am to 1.00pm Musbury Village Hall.

Tables £8 – anything goes! Contact Sue Irving 552440

Women’s World Day of Prayer

All are welcome to the service in St Andrew’s Colyton at

2.15 on Friday 3rd March

This year’s resources are brought to us by the women of the Philippines.

An evening with Bishop Robert

At Kilmington Vilage Hall on Monday 27th February. Refreshments at 6.30 and start at 7.00. Bishop Robert will talk about his vision and ours for the future.

Pancake Day Ceilidh

A fun evening with supper, bar and raffle in Colyton Town Hall; tickets £10 from the Little Shop or David Fouracre 552915. Live music and called dancing with Crooked Furrow.

Tues 28th Feb, 7.30-11.30

Ash Wednesday 2017

There will be two services in the Mission Community on 1st March to mark the start of Lent:

10.00 Holy Communion at Colyton.

This year, Holy Communion with imposition of ashes will be at St Michael’s Colyford at 7.30.

Aid for Refugees

St Michael’s Colyford is hosting a “gifting and giving” morning on
Saturday 4th March 9.00am – 1.00 pm.

Please bring the following goods which are all needed:

1. Tinned food, fruit, veg, tuna, beans of all kinds
2. Dried food, rice, nuts, flour, pulses, fruit, pasta, couscous, herbs, lentils, porridge oats.
3. UHT milk and powdered baby milk.
4. Toiletries, sanitary towels (not tampons), soap, shower gel, toothpaste and brushes, nappies, wet wipes, hand gels, adult incontinence pads.
5. Sunflower oil in plastic bottles.
6. Warm clothing and shoes (clean and in good condition), socks and underwear (new only).
7. Blankets, duvets, pillows, sleeping bags.
8. Basic first aid items, paracetamol and ibuprofen caplets, plasters, wound pads, cotton wool.

The items will be distributed by the Plymouth-based charity Open Hearts Open Borders, – also on Facebook. They are preparing to send their 5th container of goods to Syrian refugees. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

God at Work Exhibition

St Andrew’s Church Colyton Summer Exhibition will run from Wednesday 21st to Sunday 25th June and will explore God at Work through displays, artefacts and demonstrations set up around the church which will allow children and adults to engage with Jesus’ birth and baptism, his life in the wilderness and the countryside, the time he spent in Jerusalem, and his death and resurrection.  All of this will be linked to what Christians believe now and the work of the church in the 21st century. 

Our aim is to reserve the mornings of Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd June for school visits and please contact Mrs Christine Sansom by Monday 6th March if you would like to discuss booking a morning visit. Her phone number is 01297 552065 and her email address is A timetable for the full 5 days, to include the general public will be advertised nearer the time.

If you have any artefacts that you feel might help us, we would be pleased to know and we look forward to welcoming you in June.

Help is needed to set up on the Monday and Tuesday before the exhibition and pack down on the last day, as well as manning the exhibition throughout the week. If you’re interested in helping there will be a sign up sheet at the back of the Church or alternatively please contact Christine Sansom direct, details as above.

February 2017

This month’s letter comes from Revd John Lees, associate priest in the Holyford Mission Community

On the shoulders of others

Sometimes sporting champions are carried around a stadium on the shoulders of their team-mates. This way of raising people up and making them visible relates nicely to a phrase made famous by Isaac Newton in 1676: “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. Newton was talking about the way discovery builds on earlier thinking, but it’s a good image for how we achieve things in life. If we see the world clearly, if we make new things happen, it’s because of other people.

Modern society likes to think of us all as individual achievers. You sit exams on your own, go to job interviews alone. We put career success down to individual ability. In reality, no one achieves any of these things on their own.

The Nigerian proverb “it takes a whole village to raise a child” exists in different forms across Africa – the Tanzanian equivalent is “One knee does not bring up a child”. It reflects a culture where bringing up a child is a shared effort, with responsibility shared not just amongst extended family but the wider community.

This a picture of how society has worked through most of our history. It’s only in recent generations that people have lived in a much more isolated way.

The proverb also reminds us how much we owe other people. Behind every person who succeeds you will find parents, godparents and the wider family, close friends, and many other people who shape us into who we are. We don’t always acknowledge the many people who have taught us, inspired us to new challenges, shared expertise, trusted us to grow in confidence.

Lent begins on 1 March this year. In Holyford Mission Community we run annual Lent programmes of learning and discussion, with each of the five churches we serve hosting one occasion. This year’s lent course takes the theme Inspirations. We will be joined by speakers from a wide range of backgrounds (public service, education, theological education, literature, and Christian leadership). Each speaker will be telling us about the people who have inspired them to become the people they are today. All are welcome. Please see separate post for details.