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Remembrance Sunday 2016

Remembrance Sunday on 13th Nov will once again be marked in our churches, with the following services to which all are welcome:

9.30am    Southleigh     Remembrance service
10.50am  Colyton           Remembrance service
10.55am   Branscombe  Remembrance service
10.55am   Musbury        Remembrance service
3.30pm    Colyford         Evening Prayer

Poppy quilt detail

Poppy quilt detail


1 comment to Remembrance Sunday 2016

  • Emma

    Mike and I were delighted to attend the delightful and inclusive service at St Andrew’s Colyton. Thank you Anne for a wonderful address – inspiring, heartfelt and totally relevant to a Service of Remembrance for today!

    Jane Nolting-May

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