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January 2020

Caroline, John, Henry and I have been overwhelmed by the wonderful welcome we have received from the communities of Colyford, Musbury, Northleigh, Southleigh, Branscombe and Colyton. Thank you for all your cards, letters, messages and your thoughtful gifts, including some wonderful hampers and local food—all greatly appreciated.   

At the beginning of January we celebrate the Epiphany when gifts and greetings were taken to the Holy Family. ‘Epiphany’ is a fancy Greek word which means something like ‘manifestation’ or ‘appearance’. It is a rich celebration which (in the Western Church) marks the visit of the Three Kings who bring gifts to the manger, which is one of the early signs that the birth of the baby Jesus is not simply a good human being, or wise teacher and moral example, but is in fact God made man. The readings we hear in church around this time look beyond the crib, at all the miracles and wonders Jesus did during his life and ministry to help us to think about who exactly Jesus Christ is, and what he might accomplish if we were to allow ourselves to trust in him a little more and our friendship with him to grow. 

As I travel the East Devon lanes (avoiding the potholes….sometimes more successfully than others…) travelling from one church to another, I am aware how fortunate I am to be a part of the life of the six churches which make up the Holyford group. The Church is a people, but it is buildings too, and each of our beautiful buildings is a gift and sign of the Epiphany; each  stands as a manifestation to remind us that we have a God who is Emmanuel—‘God with us’—present at the heart of the community, come wind or weather.

Arriving at the beginning of Advent and leading up to Christmas has provided a great opportunity to get to know quite a few new faces. Thank you to all those who have said hello. If we haven’t already met, I hope that we shall soon. Until then…

 Wishing you every blessing and a Happy New Year,

 Fr Steven.

Posada continues 2

The choir  had some special visitors tonight at their practice.  

Travelling over the hill to Colyford the family searched for a sign before finding a warm shelter for the night and a soft bed of hay. 

Posada stops off at the Oberammergau Crib 

Carols by Candlelight

Colyton Church, Sun 22nd Dec at 6.30.

Noah’s Ark Nativity

Little ones at Noah’s Ark enjoyed Nativity fun and a lovely tea!

Installation Photos

Father Steven’s installation as our new Rector on 20th November 2020 in Colyton church was a splended occasion! Bishop Jackie presided and preached and the church was packed with people from all over the Mission Community, as well as large numbers of visiting clergy and choirs. Afterwards there were refreshments at the town hall.

Remembrance Sunday 2019

Pictures from the wreath laying ceremony at the war memorial after the service in Colyton, which was very well attended once again.

Posada 2019 – the journey continues

And so a detour to Colston…….where the Angel Gabriel makes a cameo appearance & they stop to do some paperwork.

Mary & Joseph came upon Abbeyfield, and knocked at the door, have you a room.  The manager said we have please come in, but I’m afraid we have a “ No pets policy” so the donkey will have to stay in the buggy shed.

…No room here but they got to watch Chiefs on the Telly and have a swift half before moving on…

Posada 2019 sets off

And it came to pass that Joseph & Mary went up from Galilee, out of Nazareth unto Colyton, via the hills & valleys of Shute……….

… yea, and then descended they into the valleys of the Coly and the Umborne, finding rest as they “logged in” (sorry!) to 2 Station Road…