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April 2021


The word April is thought to be derived from the Latin word meaning ‘to open’ and it is thought that this is due to its association with the opening of flowers in springtime.  The opening of flowers is not only a thing of beauty but in most cases it is necessary for their survival as they ‘communicate’ with one another through the shedding of pollen which can be transferred by wind, water, birds, bats and especially insects, in order for seed production to occur in due course.  It is though that the close relationship between flowering plants and insects is how the abundance of colour came to our planet, probably over 200 million years ago as the first dinosaurs populated the earth. 

Whatever the history, the flush of new blooms is something to raise spirits, particularly after the long ‘winter’ of lockdown and the promise of some normality of living opening up once again in relative safety and a different sort of colour returning to our lives – a chance to reopen old relationships and activities as well as the possibility of new ones.  It is indeed the case when we open up to one another that something of the meaning of our basic humanity is realised as it is clear from modern behaviour as well as the history of the humankind that we are indeed a social species.

Easter this year falls in early April and on Easter day we celebrate a different opening – that of the tomb on Easter morning.  The open tomb is a sign that evil, death and destruction do not have the ‘last word’ but the risen Christ brings hope and promise. As we open up ourselves to the reality of the cross and resurrection then new colour can indeed flow into our lives as our relationship with a heavenly Father is renewed and his goodness and blessing can flow into our lives and, in addition, to colour the lives of others whom we know and love


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