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Father’s Day Breakfast Service

Sunday 18th June, 10am at St Andrew’s Church, Colyton

Good Grief Tea and Chat -Tuesday 6th June

The Lantern Charity Shop Opening Times

Walk of Faith: Friday 19th to Saturday 20th May

Please see below for some photos from the Walk of Faith. It went really well and a big thank you to Julian Thompson for planning and organising it and Charles Hill for his valuable assistance and all the fantastic church wardens and helpers for the catering.

With thanks to Michael Pritchard for the photos.

Yuanfan Yang Piano Concert

Coronation Events

Christian Aid Appeal 2023

May Good Grief Tea & Chat – Tuesday 9th May

Bishop Rowan Williams, Evensong 16th April

Bishop Rowan Williams

On Low Sunday, 16th April, Bishop Rowan Williams will be coming to preach at Evensong. Bishop Rowan is the former Archbishop of Canterbury and Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge. The Service will be at 6.30pm in St Andrew’s, followed by a reception in church. All welcome – bring your friends!

April Awakening

As we enter into April, and head towards Easter, hasn’t it been wonderful to see nature just spring into life once more. Don’t our hearts leap to see those first snowdrops and crocus appear, and the laughing faces of the bright yellow daffodils. Following what may have been a long, dark winter, we are so often looking for those signs of spring and new life and Easter resonates with the joy of this new life too.

An awakening of the senses has been mirrored in my own journey of losing and regaining my sense of smell after Covid. I completely lost any sense of smell for around 8 months and the process of regaining it has felt like a rebirth in many ways. As this sense has been restored to me gradually I have been rejoicing each time I can recognise a smell that has been missing for so long.

The first aroma I could smell was when the fields had been covered with manure, but great was my delight that I could, at last, smell something again. Then followed the joy of, almost every day, having more of my sense return and smelling lemons, hyacinths and even ‘bad’ smells like bins and drains! I was so thrilled to be able to smell again that even the ‘bad’ smells were a joy to me. As we enter this Easter season again, let us rejoice when new life appears and the winter is past.
Linda Joy
Children and Families Worker
Holyford Mission Community

Introduction to Iconography

A change to our original week long course.

We are now holding a 10 week long, weekly evening class in the Sunday School Building in Colyton. Every Wednesday evening, 7pm – 9.30pm, starting on May 10th. A deposit of £35 for the initial materials outlay, followed by £25 each week thereafter. To book a place, please contact Cheryll Kinsley Potter at

Mothering Sunday Service, St Andrew’s Church

Colyford – Donations for Refugees

March – The Rector Writes

I am not sure what words you use as a toast when you raise a glass of sherry in company (or a glass or something else…or as you clink your mugs of Horlicks…) but there is a wonderful old Irish toast I came across the other day: ‘As you slide down the bannisters of life, may the splinters always point in the right direction’. It made me chuckle, anyway.

During the season of Lent (which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter) we shall be focusing on Prayer in our Mission Community: encouraging one another to think about and develop our prayer lives.

What is a ‘prayer life’? It is the way you feel about God, and how you express it. Everyone at some point in their life will have prayed, or tried to pray. Everyone will have a different understanding of it. Some find prayer easy, some find it hard. Like anything, it needs a bit of attention if we are to find God in it and feel encouraged by it. It is as much about listening as it is about finding words or articulating expressions of how we feel or where we are. Whether we feel we are ‘sliding down the bannisters of life’, picking splinters out of our … or leaping up the stairs two at a time, prayer is beneficial. And there are lots of different types. ‘Arrow prayers’ (a quick prayer when you are halfway down the bannisters and you are anticipating the splinters), ‘contemplative prayer’ when you are somewhere quiet and alone, and other prayers for everywhere in between.

We often see images of saints kneeling, still, praying in heaven, hands together, eyes transfixed on higher things. This is not a bad image in itself, but it focusses too much on the individual, ‘mindfulness’ aspect of prayer, or of prayer simply as a singular activity, or mainly an act of deference to the Almighty. ‘Mindfulness’ is all the rage these days, and we are all encouraged to take time to be still and quiet as part of a good mental health regime. These things are very good and beneficial, but only part of what Christian prayer is.

The saints in heaven enjoy life to the full. In heaven, prayer is life and life is prayer. That is what prayer is: finding fullness of life and simply being with God and being part of his life, in stillness or activity.

Praying is often laying before God our lives and opening our hearts and minds—switching our radio sets from ‘transmit’ to ‘receive’. Not always an easy thing to do, but God has given us a prayer—The Lord’s Prayer—which can be used at any time, in any place, on our own, or in company. It reminds us of who God is and that he is always ready to hear us, even if at times we can’t bear that, or deal with it, or comprehend it, his huge and constant love is always there. Most importantly, it involves time.
Join us to spend more time thinking about prayer this Lent. Each Thursday evening we have a Lent Course session on prayer around the churches (details in the magazine or on the website). Our speakers are our local, friendly clergy (…and me….) and no previous experience is necessary. On Wednesday 5th April the Bishop of Exeter will be with us, sharing his personal insights on prayer. I warmly commend these sessions to you, even if you can only come to one of them.

From 1st March we shall be resuming Evening Prayer around the villages. These are traditional, informal short services (about 25 minutes), 5pm at a different church on Tuesdays (Colyford), Wednesdays (Colyton), Thursdays (Branscombe), and Fridays (Northleigh).

As always, there is a lot going on in our six churches. Details of our services during Lent and Easter can be found on our website ( or contact me if you are wondering when or where the next service is. I appreciate it can be confusing…I am always having to top and think, and check when and where I am going…which is another good analogy for prayer…

With every good wish and blessing,
Fr Steven

Holyford at Prayer