Gate and war memorial

The Tower and Porch

Prayer at the door

Whosoever thou art that enterest this church, leave it not without one prayer to God for thyself, for those who minister, and for those who worship here.

Nave and South Aisle

St Michael’s Church

About the Church

Musbury Church dates from the 13th century. The first known Rector was instituted in 1204. Many reconstructions have taken place over the years, with extensive changes in the 19th century. A fine organ, supplied by Bevington in 1870, was restored in 1990. The regularly rung peal of six bells dates from 1785.

The Drake Monument

The Drake Monument


The most striking feature of the interior is the Drake Monument, built in 1611 and extended in 1646. The figures represent members of the Drake family who lived in Ashe House, Musbury. They are depicted in a very rare arrangement of three kneeling couples. The last couple includes Elizabeth, the grand daughter of Sir John and Lady Drake; she was the Mother of the first Duke of Marlborough, born Ashe, in 1650.

At the altar

At the altar


The Drakes lived in Musbury until 1793 when Ashe House was sold out of the family. The family, however, moved back into the village in 1947. Many visitors from all over the world come to visit the Church, either to see the famous Drake monument or to come back to their roots or visit graves in the well-kept churchyard.

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The Church from the East