The Church from the NW

The churchyard enjoys an astonishing profusion of snowdrops.

Roof repairs

Inspecting the substantial repairs carried out in 2012.

St Lawrence’s Church

 About the Church

St Lawrence’s, the parish church of Southleigh, East Devon, is of Norman origin with a 15th century tower, but was mostly rebuilt in the 19th century. Restored in 1880, it consists of nave, south aisle, vestry and porch. The south entrance is a rebuilt Norman doorway.

For those with an interest in history, Southleigh church boasts some very interesting features. The font dates from the early 12th century and we have a ring of four bells, listed in the inventory of 1553: “iiii bells yn the towre their”. The treble bell is dated c. 1400.

The ancient bell

The ancient bell

We also have a brass chandelier which is of special interest because of its fine workmanship and size.  There are only fifteen Anglican churches in Devon where such chandeliers acquired in the period 1650-1850 have been retained.

The prayer desk, choir stalls, lectern and pulpit are all 19th century oak; the pews are pine. Four listed tombs in the churchyard are made of Beer stone ashlar dating from the 17th and 18th centuries.