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Easter Week

Our ministry team have prepared this material for our journey together through Easter Week and beyond:

Easter Day, 12th April, Dawn from the picnic site, Revd John Lees; Easter service, Fr Steven Martin, service sheet, and link to readings

Monday 13th April, Easter meditation, Dr Charles Hill

Tuesday 14th April, Easter meditation, Bishop Oliver Simon

Wednesday 15th April, Easter meditation, Revd Nigel Freathy

Thursday 16th April, Easter meditation, Revd Colin Preece

Friday 17th April, Easter meditation, Revd John Lees and text.

Saturday 18th April, Easter meditation, Mrs Emma Laughton and text of poem.

19th April, Second Sunday of Easter, Sunday service, Fr Steven Martin; and link to readings and Church of England prayer booklet

26th April, Third Sunday of Easter, Sunday service, Revd John and Mrs Jan Lees and service order.

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4 comments to Easter Week

  • Sue McCoulough

    The wonderful daily meditations are continuing but I just wanted, while I remembered, to thank you so much for all the fantastic material you have provided for us during Holy Week and beyond.

    It has been sad to be unable to see you in church but the wealth of lovely music, prayers, pictures and homilies has been fantastic each day.

    Keep well one and all and thank you!

    Blessings Sue McCoulough

  • Sarah

    These daily vlogs are a fabulous way to start the day (or indeed break up the day). They also provide a great reminder that we are still connected spiritually during this time of physical isolation. Tbh part of me is hoping they will continue in some way, shape or form post Covid-19. Thank you once again to everyone involved in putting them together and sharing them.

  • John Bray

    I’ve been tuning to these meditations from six thousand miles away. I’m delighted to hear these familiar voices, and greatly appreciate what you all have shared with us.

  • Sarah

    Another fabulous Sunday service. Thank you

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