How long is the service?

Usually about 45 minutes.

Photography in Church

The congregation are not allowed to use mobile cameras in the church after the entrance of the bride. Professional photographers can be used. If you have any special requests regarding filming you will need to speak to the Rector.


Confetti is allowed in all our churchyards but please would you try to throw it by the churchyard gate, rather than just anywhere in the churchyard.

Wedding FAQs

Bear with one another and, if anyone has a complaint against another, forgive each other; just as the Lord has forgiven you Colossians 3.13

Most couples have a number of questions to ask and we’re always happy to discuss your concerns.


All the churches except Colyford are in narrow streets or lanes with very limited parking immediately nearby. Branscombe has a car park by the village hall, but check for other events on the same day.
Colyford is on a main road which is not suitable for parking other than briefly dropping off and picking up the bride and disabled people. Colyford Memorial Hall has a good car park opposite the church, but check for other events on the same day.
Colyton has a town car park quite near by and some street parking around the streets.
Musbury has a very small car park by the church and some street parking.
Southleigh has a very small car park at the village hall and some lane parking.

Church seating capacity.

Branscombe: 88 seats in the nave, plus 24 seats in the chancel (restricted view) and 68 fold up chairs that can be used in the transepts etc.
Colyford: about 100 in the pews and a further 20 on chairs.
Colyton: 275 in the pews – if some are children, more will fit in. Plus  about another 110 extra chairs can be brought in.
Musbury: 120
Southleigh: about 140


Branscombe has an eco-friendly toilet outside the church  with disabled access.
Colyford has a toilet in the church, but it is not very easy for wheelchair users.
Colyton has a toilet through the choir vestry, and there are public toilets near the car park.
Musbury unfortunately has no church toilet and there is no public toilet in the village.
Southleigh has no church toilet, but one may be available at the village hall if arranged.

What if something goes wrong?

Don’t worry, you will be in good company! Jesus was a guest at a wedding at Cana in Galilee when disaster struck – the wine ran out. Read the story online at John 2.1-11. Everyone will do their best to help.

After the wedding

We wish you all the best for your married life. We are always happy to hear from you or welcome you in church. If you would like to be included in our online wedding album, please send us a photo with your names, the date and the church.