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New toddler group

All parents/carers and toddlers welcome! 9.00 Tuesday mornings in St Andrew’s.

Posada location

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Posada journey this Advent. The locations of the photos for each day can be seen here.

Posada 24 December

Journey’s end. The 26 locations of the Posada will be published on FB & the website in the week commencing 4th January 2020. In the meantime, if anyone thinks they know all of them please email to to be entered into the prizewinning competition.

Posada 23 December

Posada 22 December

Posada 21 December

Posada 20 December

Posada 19 December

More Advent windows!

Posada 18 December

Posada 17 December

Posada 16 December

How far are Mary and Joseph travelling today?

Posada 15 December

The journey continues…

Posada 14 December

Mary and Joseph continue their journey.

Posada 13 December

Mary and Joseph have moved on again..,