The Parish Church of St Giles, Northleigh

Northleigh, Colyton, EX24 6BL

Service pattern

The church is open daily and the Lady Chapel (in the North Aisle) is reserved for private prayer.

Below is the usual service pattern for St Giles’ Parish Church. Please check the weekly pew sheet (below) for any changes.

1st Sunday
11.15am Holy Communion
2nd Sunday
6.00pm Evening Prayer
3rd Sunday
No service
4th Sunday
11.15am Holy Communion
5th Sunday
Please refer to weekly service sheet

Weekday Evening Prayer

Every Friday at 5pm.


St Giles’ path is level and access into the church is relatively smooth. Inside, the aisles are wide enough for most wheeled chairs. There is a drop-off point close to the main door, but please note there are no WC facilities.


John Platt
01297 552416

History of St Giles’ Church

The church at Northleigh is believed to originate from the Norman period, although it is not clear whether it replaced an existing building. Sadly, the church was in a very dilapidated state come the 19th century and major restorations were undertaken by local tradesmen; the church was reopened on 9 September 1869.

For such a small parish, the interior of the church is rich in decorated features. The pew ends and chancel screen are intricately carved from 15th century oak (the screen has been restored and is without its cornice, which may still reside in a private chapel in Colyton). There is a similarly-aged screen in the Lady Chapel, although this appears to have been moved from elsewhere.

One of the unseen – but no unheard – treasures of Northleigh is the rung of four bells. Cast in foundries in Exeter, the tenor dates from 1450 and the other three from 1490, and is the last remaining complete ring of pre-reformation bells in Devon. The bells are inscribed with unique Latin: the tenor reads St Peter pray for us.